Democratising the Global Marketplace

Decentralising digital commerce control to empower millions.

Leading the Open Commerce Movement

Open Commerce isn’t merely a technology - it’s a reimagining of the way we buy and sell online, that leaves no one behind.
We know that when ecommerce is centralised in a handful of platforms, millions of buyers and sellers are cut off.
This has left a huge global market of buyers and sellers entirely disconnected to ecommerce.


FMCG sales via third party sellers


Micro-sellers worldwide


SMBs with no digital store


B2B transactions in physical cash
The unfair terms for those can trade leave a lot to be desired, with huge commission charges, high transaction fees and zero customer service or support.

Huge commission charges

Sellers give up a big portion of revenue to ecommerce platforms

High transaction fees

Payments costs from banks hit buyers and sellers

Zero customer service

Little in the way of frontline support or partnership offer

We want to redraw the battle lines of ecommerce.

RedCloud’s ambition is to pioneer the way in which more than 100 million businesses around the world access any financial product easily and securely, to help them succeed in the fourth industrial revolution.

Open Commerce technology makes it possible to imagine a world where any local merchants are able to trade freely and fairly, and serve their communities, no matter their size or location.

Who We Serve

RedCloud’s solutions are designed to work with your existing infrastructure, for fast and effective results.


Increase sales velocity, capacity and supply chain visibility.
  • Grow sales without increasing SG&A costs
  • Manage better customer relationships and reward loyalty
  • De-risk cash management with digital payments
  • Gain visibility of point of sale performance
  • Forecast and satisfy future demand
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Grow your customer base, manage payments without risk, and increase efficiency with digitised operations.
  • Manage payments without the pain of physical cash
  • Sell more products to more retailers
  • Manage inventory and process orders efficiently
  • Simplify supply chain operations
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Join over 270,000 retailers who earn new commissions, get instant loans for stock and simplify shop management online.
  • Access a large network of sellers
  • Earn commissions from digital subscriptions
  • Buy now, pay later. Get product sooner
  • Digitise order and inventory management
  • Manage sales takings and payments from your phone
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