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Access new products and ditch the paperwork

Access a larger network of sellers

Discover new brands, products and promotions for your store. Use RedCloud’s digital marketplace to instantly browse, compare and buy products and get stock delivered straight to your shop.

Earn commissions from digital subscriptions

Create new revenue streams by selling pre-paid and digital product offers. From DirecTV, to public transport and mobile credit, and attract more customers who’ll keep returning to your store.

Get ahead with streamlined inventory

Inventory financing. Get product sooner.

Restock your inventory sooner and avoid last-minute order cancellations with our micro-lending service. Instantly buy stock and pay later for faster confirmation and delivery so you don’t miss out on extra sales.

Place product orders online, anytime, for greater flexibility and convenience without cut-off times. Automate inventory management to know exactly what and when to restock, and avoid costly product wastage.

Digitise order and inventory management.

Manage and process payments, all in one place. Offer new customer payment methods with phone-tap and QR codes to get money instantly into your account, and get a quick view of sales takings by day, week and month so you know where you’re at.

The Red101 App

The Red101 App offers fast and easy services, on the go.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Order, pay, restock - all on one app.

Browse, compare and buy stock on the fly

Get access to exciting brands and new product lines for your store. Browse by category, compare similar products and select from multiple delivery options for quick and easy stock purchases.

Earn commission with new digital subscriptions

Provide new digital pre-paid products to attract new customers to your store. Offer SUBE, DirecTV, mobile credit and other services for customers so they always return and buy more products from your shop.

Buy now, pay later. Never wait for stock

Get instant micro-loans through RedPay so you can always restock when you need. Prevent order cancellations and pay later when you have the money.

Simplify shop management

Instantly send and receive payments
Pay suppliers as soon as you buy products and avoid shipment delays with the RedPay eWallet. Accept digital customer payments in store by phone tap or QR code and cash in your balance, ready to use in your account.



“Ever since we’ve had this service, people are topping up more. They know I have this service so they come and they also buy soda, candy and cigarettes.  I wouldn’t replace it.”

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