Digitise and Simplify Your Supply Chain

Get invaluable digital oversight, right along the supply chain.
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Drive profitability and business expansion

Drive profitability and

Grow your customer base, manage payments without risk and digitise operations for efficiency.

Manage payments without the pain of physical cash

Remove the costs and risks of collecting, transporting and storing cash with instant digital transactions. Reconcile payments automatically, fulfil customer orders more quickly and increase sales frequency.

Sell more product to more retailers

Grow product sales with an easy-to-use digital product marketplace. Automate sales with your own e-store, identify target retailers with real-time transaction and behavioural data, and send tailored promotional campaigns to drive higher order volumes.

Decrease risk and increase efficiency

RedCloud’s solutions are designed to work with your existing infrastructure, for fast and effective results.

Manage inventory, and process orders more efficiently.

Reduce product spoilage and avoid missing out on retailer sales with real-time order and inventory management. Get instant stock updates so you can plan reorders in advance, and process retailer orders digitally to get products to customers faster.

Simplify your supply chain operations.

Integrate RedCloud with your existing systems for better data unity, information accuracy and process efficiency. Connect external tools with our smart integration module and build custom integrations with our open API so you can manage all aspects of your supply chain in one place.



Being able to digitise money, to top up, to earn a profit. For the company, for the customer, for the seller ... it’s a circle where everybody wins.

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