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Red101 Retailer App

A single easy-to-onboard app for retailers to browse, compare, buy, pay for, and manage stock online.

Browse, compare and buy stock on the fly

Retailers can access exciting brands and new product lines Browse by category, compare similar products and select from multiple delivery options for quick and easy stock purchases.

Earn commission with new digital subscriptions

Retailers can increase their digital pre-paid service offering with SUBE, DirecTV, mobile credit and more, encouraging return visits and repeat purchases from customers.

Inventory financing. Never wait for stock

Get instant micro-loans through RedPay so you can always restock when you need. Prevent order cancellations and pay later when you have the money.

Instantly send and receive payments

With RedPay eWallet retailers avoid shipment delays thanks to instant supplier payment. Digital customer payments in-store by phone tap or QR code means instant transfer to a retailer's account.

Settle invoices and manage stock on your phone

Red101 rewards retailers with real-time stock updates for efficient supply and demand management plus simplified accounting to instantly settle invoices.

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