Go Beyond Sales - Drive the Market

Get insights into product demand and engage customers with digital campaigns.

Forecast and plan for shifts in demand

Optimise inventory planning and cut wastage with real-time insights and historical data. Identify consumption patterns and trends, determine which products see demand spikes and use geolocation data to map demand change by area so you’re better prepared.

Identify promising sales opportunities

Pinpoint customers with high sales potential. Filter retailers using transactional insights such as order value, frequency and last order date, and leverage geolocation data to find which markets host promising opportunities.

Segment customers for more impactful campaigns

Group customers using demographic data for highly-tailored marketing campaigns that resonate. Select buyer type, KYC status, type of product they like and other attributes so you can personalise your outreach.

Send targeted promotions that excite customers

Create compelling marketing campaigns and promotions that drive conversion and sales.
Send email, SMS and push notification campaigns so you have the capability to reach as many customers as possible.

Ready to unleash sales with invaluable market insights?