Cut the Costs and Risks of Cash

Instant digital payments drive sales and speed up orders, around the world.

Accelerate payment and order processing

Ditch risky and time-consuming physical cash management with commission-free digital
transactions. Get payments straight into your account so you can speed up order processing and save time.

Reconcile payments without the costly and tedious admin

Free up working capital, cut delays to product delivery and avoid human error with automated digital payment reconciliation that saves you time on inefficient, manual payment checks.

Enable retailers to buy more often

Give retailers access to secure micro-loans and accelerate order processing and restocks. Let retailers buy stock and pay later to avoid costly delays and cancellations to orders, and drive higher sales frequency for your company.

Make it easier for retailers to buy and pay

Give access to hundreds of payment options so retailers can get on buying more products.
Enable transfer by digital wallet, direct from the bank, or via world’s largest agency network with over two million pay-in points around the world.

Ready for faster payments and smoother order processing?